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Chris GadsdenI live in Columbia, MO with my brilliant wife, Kristin, and my four amazing kids. Though my undergraduate degree is in music education, it didn’t take long for my philosophical nature to lead me a different direction. I have earned two master’s degrees and one PhD in philosophy over 14 years of study. Combined with 20+ years experience of campus ministry (Cru) and teaching (as an adjunct instructor), you have a perfect recipe for this website. I am passionate about helping people learn to think and believe better, because in my own journey I’ve labored through plenty of bad thinking and shoddy believing. I follow Jesus as best I can, and though I don’t want this to be an “apologetics” website, I won’t pretend to be neutral about religion. Good thinking leads us to truth, whatever that truth may be.

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  1. Great site! I’m going to add your link to an article in Harrisburg Christian Church’s news letter The Beacon.

    See you at ECLI!

    ~Diana Winn

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