2 thoughts on “Socialism, Capitalism, and Anecdotal Evidence

  1. I live in Venezuela and I have seen socialism sink my country into a deep s**t hole. Other than te visual evidence and the degrading experiance, my personal hypothesis is: GOD has given man the capacity to produce and the right to “invest” to multiply their productions which can lead to help others get jobs and benefits, that’s the need for capitalism. On the other hand it’s simply not fair for any human power to take away the wealth they have worked so hard for to give it to a group of people that don”t have the will or capacity to produce the same way. If you feel envy towards others that have what you don’t have, work your ass as hard as they have and don”t be hopeful on resentful leaders to help you take for yourself what you haven’t worked for. That has happened in all countries that have been under a socialist regime, gone to ruin. So in conclusion, to me, socialism simply SUCKS!

    1. Hey Jose — I appreciate your comment and value your perspective as someone who has experienced it first hand. You may very well be right! My point in the post was simply that failure in one case isn’t enough to draw a strong conclusion. Thanks for commenting.

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