Ground Belief Podcast #2 with Mark Swanson

My first ever attempt at a podcasty thing. I “interviewed” Mark Swanson, Associate Professor in the MU School of Journalism. Mark is also the feudum game critical thinkingcreator of Feudum, a new table top “Euro” style strategy game. Mark and I talk frequently about how complex board games require and develop critical thinking skills, and that’s the subject of our conversation on this “podcast.”  This is part 2 of the interview — part 1 is here. The audio quality isn’t great, since we recorded the whole thing completely on a whim using my iPhone. If you like board games, nerds, and the psychology of critical thinking and game play, take a listen.

Since this is my first attempt at podcasting, I would  appreciate your feedback!

What To Listen For

  • Do strategy board games rely more on System 1 or System 2 type thinking?
  • Mark talks about his preferences for the intuitive approach to games and other kinds of problem solving.
  • We discuss how a person’s intuitive talents might be developed, not just in games bu in art and music as well. I reminisce a bit about my jazz saxophone days.
  • I ask Mark about how game play could help older people maintain their mental sharpness, similar to other kinds of games found on popular websites.
  • We talk briefly about how games are a microcosm of life.
  • We discuss the best “Gateway” games.
  • Mark muses about how becoming a game developer has brought about growth in other areas of life.




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