Doubt and Deconversion

This is a presentation I gave this past summer at Faith Ascent’s “Base Camp,” a 1 week apologetics camp for high school students in St. Louis. In it, I discuss the public deconversion of a YouTube celebrity and talk about the nature of doubt and what to do with it. The talk is about 30 min., followed by Q & A. This particular talk is one I’m still developing, I so I would appreciate feedback, from both Christians and skeptics.

2 thoughts on “Doubt and Deconversion

  1. Well done Chris. I’m sure that if you had more time you could have elaborated much further on doubt and faith. This is a crucial topic for all of us. Thanks for taking up the task of dealing with it.
    Just two comments. One is that years ago when Billy Graham was young and his ministry was just taking off he and his then partner Charles Templeton were very successful in their ministry. As I remember the story they both began to entertain doubts about the same time. Templeton succumed to his doubts and decided he no longer believed and left the ministry. Graham began to pray and pray hard. He persevered and told God he was going to pray until his faith was restored. Eventually God did it and Graham’s faith came back. Templeton continued on his course of unbelief until he had no faith and quit the ministry. I haven’t read the book Templeton wrote about it (Farewell to God) but it sticks in my mind that he just couldn’t deal with the problem of why God allows evil in the world. I thought this might be a good story to relate to your young students to show how prayer and faith will get you through a trial like this.
    Second comment is that Greg Koukel with Stand to Reason did a series recently on witnessing tactics that was published in “Solid Ground.” The second installment was called “Street Tactics Part Two.” It gives good advice on sharing the Gospel and discusses the true nature of faith which I think you would enjoy and would be a great reference to share with your students.
    Keep up the good work man.


    1. Thanks, Jack! I had forgotten that story about Billy Graham and Charles Templeton. I appreciate your thoughts.

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